Care for the crew and cast — Hron: A country of ghosts

Over the course of 2017, members of Politics & Care have played various care roles during the planning, filming and post-production of the anarchist, queer, science-fiction film, Hron: A country of ghosts.

Our involvement was multifaceted, including:

facilitation of a discussion circle for self and collective care for the organizers in view of the outdoor intensive filming session in the rural Quebec location;

recruiting, training and coordinating care team leading up to and during the filming of the project;

facilitate a debrief after the filming to process emotional and physical fatigue and such.


Our collaboration with other community organizations and groups in Montreal over the last few years has been in specific areas of collective care. Examples include: facilitation of debriefs (e.g., marche pour la terre mère, after a long and involving project); collective care discussion circle for grassroots groups with a focus on internal dynamics (e.g., climate justice montreal); coaching for and being present at the collective care discussions within an organization.


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